“Haiku for Loot” Contest

Now that PAX West 2009 is over and we are all hopefully snuggled back into our cubicles – we wanted to do something nice for our fans that didn’t make it to the show or those who just want a mid-Septembrus-pick-me-up.

So today is the first official day of the first annual “Haiku for Loot” contest with a prize award to the first five funny DeathSpank fans who respond to this first.

Post your best Haiku in the comments section by midnight, EST September 30, 2009 and we will send you some fine, memorable loot if you are a winner.

Official contest fine print can be found here.

UPDATE: The contest is officially closed, but make sure you check back for more opportunities to win some free stuff. Winners announced soonerish.

43 Responses to ““Haiku for Loot” Contest”

  1. How long do I wait to drink or eat after using this?

  2. ElderWeasel says:

    Justice was dispensed.
    Only one problem remains.
    My thong migrates North.

  3. shawn baecker says:

    Ay,With +3 Height
    our ballsy hero strikes fear
    Into feeble groins

  4. shawn baecker says:

    Pioneer of death
    Twisted genius gives birth to
    Bloodbath comedies

  5. Anonymous says:

    Deathspank is the one;
    Respect his absolute

  6. Stig says:

    Crouch support
    The meatballs are pink
    I never loose my marbles

  7. AlfredJ says:

    Deathspank growls madly
    Sticks pen in sensei’s liver
    “Your mom’s a Haiku”

  8. Nihh says:

    Respect the awesomeness

    of my banana hammock fears ness

    or taste cold hard steel!

  9. hack3r says:

    Deathspank sounds risque
    Why not have a happy name
    Like Fluffywhiskers

  10. nick says:

    PART 1
    Help me! I’m on Fire!
    I see Deathspank! he’ll save me!
    . . .
    he’s peeing on me.

    PART 2
    This is my Kingdom.
    Come Deathspank! I will knight thee!
    Stop peeing on me!

  11. Steven Kilpatrick says:

    This modern world scrapes
    SCUMM from the 90s boot straps
    …but in a good way.

  12. Taydus says:

    Death follows behind,
    Cloaked, bones clicking, scythe singing,
    I owe him money

  13. Colin says:

    Finally some news
    Deathspank has a new trailer
    Undies of Justice

    Only the first five?
    Blast, looks like I’m out of luck
    Still a fun contest.

  14. Tom says:

    a mighty thong worn
    made of magicy stuff yeah
    i hope i get blown

    haw haw

  15. R. Hansson says:

    Fighting for our time
    Ron Gilbert will always win
    We are not worthy

  16. Todd Lambertson says:

    Winning loot for my kids
    through gaming haikus
    Hear me oh Spanker of Death!

  17. Joaquin says:

    DeathSpank the one
    if he has a chicken with a wheel
    Their enemies will pee

  18. hack3r says:

    What is Deathspank?
    It sounds like a band.
    Whatever, I’m outta here.

  19. The winter’s cold wind
    Offends the mightiest man
    When he wears a thong

  20. Morph says:

    A game so epic
    controls so hard to master
    DeathSpank just got pwn’d.

  21. Marcel says:

    Only one hit he spanks,
    he’ll cause countless of deaths.
    Thousands of foes, rotting in grass…
    Competent name – Deathspank,
    he has…

  22. The Good Doctor says:

    Men envy his might

    Women love his artifact

    They call him Deathspank!

  23. Cel says:

    Rampaging fiercely
    Destroying evil he finds
    The hero: DeathSpank

  24. Cel says:

    Rampaging fiercely
    Destroying evil he finds
    The hero: DeathSpank!!!

  25. Stig says:

    Where is my thong?
    Did it disappear?
    One size does not fit all

  26. Alexandre says:

    Gilbert :
    Don’t fear the death,
    Just feel the spank!

  27. Ian E says:

    In the Summer Heat
    with Thong in my Hands
    thy Sword Hangs in the Breeze

  28. Xeros says:

    He came.
    He saw.
    He spanked.
    Or was it the other way around…?

  29. Joaquin says:

    DeathSpank the One
    if he has a chichken with a wheel
    Their enemys will pee

  30. The Fool says:

    Lock up all your loot,
    Hide away your princesses,
    DeathSpank is coming!

  31. Joaquin says:

    DeathSpank or Watheva
    if he has a Chiken with a wheel
    Their enemys Enemys will pee

  32. Joaquin says:

    DeathSpank or Watheva
    if he has a chicken with a wheel
    The Pirates will pee

  33. Leewelo says:

    Smitten by my boot
    All goblins turn into loot
    Awe, Blood and Corpses!

  34. Flame says:

    Goblin killed,
    or should i say

  35. Lachlan B says:

    Deathspank smote!
    pirates quivered
    goblins fainted, puzzles solved.

  36. B Howard says:

    why do pirates keep
    their scurvy loot in barrels?
    no one really knows

  37. R. Yates says:

    My sword ‘Eversmite’
    Would end you if it were not
    Stuck in its scabbard

  38. Sebastian says:

    Oh Great Deathspank
    In your thong we trust
    Give us loot and a hard spank

  39. Lohikaarme says:

    From winter till fall
    Deathspank kills all

  40. Albert says:

    Nice idea for a contest! :D
    Do we have to register somewhere to enter?

    Oh, Ron! Mighty god!
    Send us DeathSpank, our savior,
    to smite all boredom.

  41. Birdieo says:

    fighting fearful hordes
    solving all your hard puzzles
    DeathSpank, great hero

  42. Jason Boyko says:

    Deathspank shall be this:
    The best game since ninety one.
    Ron Gilberts the one!