Ron Gilbert spills it; Game Informer article on stands now

Right after PAX our friend Matt Helgeson at Game Informer had an interview for the Gamestop publication and it is (finally!) on shelves and in mailboxes everywhere.

You can see for yourself the digs at Hothead (where the magic happens), find out how Ron really feels about WoW and why he loves 2D art over 3D.

If you don’t subscribe, you can pick it up at your local Gamestop.

5 Responses to “Ron Gilbert spills it; Game Informer article on stands now”

  1. Facundo (from Argentina) says:

    i cant wait for this game
    the new brand games sucks!
    i dont want more graphics, effects, sounds…
    we need more games like old school =)

    sorry for my bad english

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  3. Sam says:

    Heh, you guys should probably update this blog :)

  4. I can’t find how to subscribe to the comments via my reader . I want to keep up to date on this, how do I do that?

  5. Hello,

    My name is Jasen Chambers. I just read Ron Gilbert’s interview in Game Informer. I think DeathSpank looks awesome! I’d like to share with Mr. Gilbert my samples of converting 2D comic books into a 3D films.

    This film is a confidential demonstration of proprietary animation techniques and is not to be saved, linked to or otherwise shared or disclosed in whole or in part without the express written permission of Jasen Chambers. All media contained therein is copyright of its respective owners and all other rights are reserved. Click here to accept these terms and view the demonstration.

    - – -
    Jasen Lux Chambers