Update from the Dev Team at Hothead

DeathSpank is done! While we still have a tough road to follow as we take the game through final certification steps for XBLA and PSN, the game turned out fantastic! It truly is a great and funny action RPG. We can’t wait for everyone to try out the game which is now coming out even soonerish!

For further news on the [REDACTED] version of DeathSpank, head on over and read Ron’s post on his Grumpy Gamer blog.

18 Responses to “Update from the Dev Team at Hothead”

  1. bast says:

    I’m interested in beta, alpha or feedback mac version :)

  2. Hothead says:

    We read all the comments and we have been hearing you.

    As you know, EA is publishing DeathSpank and has announced the game will release on XBLA and PSN. Nothing beyond that has been announced at this time.

    Rest assured we have heard the flood of feedback requesting that DeathSpank come out on Windows, Mac and Linux!

  3. M. H. says:

    Congratulations Hothead!

    I am looking forward to that game as I always loved the humour in Monkey Island (one of my favourite games of all times). And, since I found out about it through a Linux game site, I sincerely hope that a Linux release is still in the schedule, too. ;-)
    I don’t want to fight with wine to get it to run (if possible at all).

    Anyway, wish you guys good luck for the last hurdles!

  4. T___U says:

    Well, I hope a Linux version will follow as well, as Hothead used to support Linux and OSX as well as Windows :)

  5. Not me says:

    I don’t own a console and looked forward to installing it on my Ubuntu PC as I heard about this game through linuxgames.com. With the EA (haven’t they lost money the last 4 quarters?) deal I hope it was only for the console versions, but I guess we will wait and see.

    I understand the need to make it for the consoles, and I am sure you will make more money on it that way, but if there is no PC version it won’t be any of my (and 3 of my friends) money.

    Either way, the game looks good and congrats on completing it, just not sure I will be able to try out the game with you or not yet.

  6. Rabid Rob says:

    When Hothead signed up with EA, well, EA’s standard contract basically gives EA Hothead’s soul – or in legalese, all rights pertaining to bla bla bla for 10 pages, thus Hothead can never say anything in public again w/o EA’s express written approval (literally, I am not joking). Also, EA will have told them the PC version must have some form of DRM from this list of extreme draconian versions they have that have to be developed as a part of the game from early on, which Hothead, based on previous products, did not do, and thus the PC version will require a rework to include said DRM, whilst the platform versions are, by their nature, already pirate proof enough to satisfy the monetary powers within EA.

    EA’s gonna make a mint, as the publisher giants often do when they take over something truly creative. I hope Hothead and Ron at least get an m out of it.

  7. M says:

    I’d say that due do piracy, PC version will be out few months/half a year after the console versions. BUT, I think the game WILL be out for PC, as it’s developed with xna -> making it run on pc is almost automatic process.

  8. Smertnik says:

    If there’s no PC version I will be a very sad and angry man.
    I’ve been waiting for this game since it’s been announced. Ron Gilbert, don’t betray me like that! I already have to cope with the fact that I’ll never be able to play Heavy Rain.

  9. Poet says:

    Would you please confirm the PC version? I was informed when the game was announced that it will be released for PC, and I’ve been closely following the development of the game since then, so please don’t tell me there isn’t going to be a PC version!

  10. WtH says:

    Please, official word about PC version!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  11. Nikolai says:

    This isn’t coming to PC anymore? Well, that’s disappointing…

  12. Bargeral says:

    Ditto, PC version please.

  13. Eclipse says:

    This game was a PC exclusive before EA publishing deals, why there’s this new thing that PC gamers need to get screwed like that? I bet they’ll release the pc version full of DRMs a year after the console one

  14. Metro says:

    If there isn’t a PC version well… then you all just lost a ton of sales.

  15. me says:

    is there a pc version

  16. Matt says:


    Good to hear can you confim what is happening with the pc version as some sites seem to indicate that you now might not be releasing this on the pc, please say this isnt so?

  17. James says:

    I think that should be “even soonerisher” L2S (learn to spell) you noobs.

    Just kidding, but that is awesome news and I do mean in the true sense of the word awesome, not like how the americans use it, you know to mean hotdogs and what not.