Wanted: Great ideas, feedback and suggestions

Hey everyone! My name is Mike Inglehart, one of the newest faces here at Hothead Games. For those of you who have not been over to our company blog in a while, we are actively looking for the best comments, suggestions and ideas for DeathSpank.

While the rumour of a new Deathspank game is in the works, we are looking at ways to improve the quality of the game experience should we actually get a chance to send DeathSpank on his third adventure. So head on into the forums and let us know the biggest things you would like to see fixed.  Examples of things that I would love to see addressed are the time it takes to eat food, can treasure chests open faster and man would it be nice to have the blocking play a big part in gameplay.

Like any good game, we always ship with issues that we simply do not have enough time to perfect. With your feedback, we can ensure that we are looking at the biggest items that affect the fans of our games. We look forward to your comments and thanks for taking the time to help make the next installment of DeathSpank an even better experience!

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