Name the next DeathSpank game!

At Hothead Games we always respect the opinions of our fans and followers, but more importantly we act upon the contractual obligations of the heroes in our games. With that in mind, and DeathSpank standing directly over my shoulder, we would like to share an open letter that was hand delivered very recently, as it is addressed to you the fans (hereafter referred to as the “Downtrodden”).

The letter –

“Greetings Worshippers! DeathSpank here, requesting assistance from the Downtrodden in hopes of finding a new Quest filled with full doses of Dispensing Justice.

I have been searching the Hothead blog recently for how many times I could find my name and amongst some stupid little blue creatures that I swore I made extinct in my previous adventures, I noticed some of you suggested ideas for my next journey.

Well…times are tough and although every good hero deserves a break, I haven’t Vanquished Evil for what feels like a console generation or more…and a hero can only go so long before he feels the need to start jabbing pointy things into unsuspecting bystanders.

So…I, DeathSpank, am calling on YOU, the Downtrodden to help me convince those incredibly unfocused, preoccupied and clearly sidetracked people at Hothead Games to send me on my next quest.

With every hero’s adventure comes an amazing quest and that quest requires an even greater name. So I need you to inspire the creators of my world to get me back to work. And hurry please…my heroic fridge is running low on chicken legs and ice cream bars.”

Here at Hothead Games, we hate to see heroes go hungry, so do your part and help end hero hunger. We want to know what YOU would call DeathSpank’s next game?
Anything goes, so be creative and send in your best ideas by posting your name suggestions in the comments.

Name ideas such as “Fires of Bacon” and “Quest of the Downtrodden” have already been sent in so jump to it fast and do it now! We look forward to reading your ideas over at our Forums.