Sneak Peek – DeathSpank Inventory Items!

Everywhere you look there will be something interesting and different to discover in DeathSpank, including items in your inventory. Here is a small sample of the items you’ll find as you play through DeathSpank. Mouse over each item to get a glimpse at its description (sorry, it’s Flash, so if you have a fancy smancy iPhone or iPad you’re going to have to find a friend with a PC):

3 Responses to “Sneak Peek – DeathSpank Inventory Items!”

  1. GrumpyGamer says:

    Why is it that you guys have framerate problems on a low rez game with no to little network req’s (acchievement and leaderboard- that’s it)? The inventory req to drag over the grinder? Cute at first, then tedious (how bout an autogrind?); or what about the Special Quest weapon you earn at the end, being weaker than all the other top tier weapons in the arsenal you can purchase? Potions that last one second, powerups that don’t move with the character- I could blather on about the super weak. C’mon designers!- and then there is getting caught up on all kinds of collision in the levels… You really should really take the time to optimize user experience, make sure there is some logic inserted behind applications of story and design (even in something this inane) and clean up any technical issues BEFORE you ship- I mean, you guys had YEARS. It’s the difference between competent development and just get-er done mentality. You had an oportunity for greatness here- why choose anything less? Hrrumph.

  2. King Toko says:

    Im liking the poop related items and the originality, spankalicious.

  3. Dan says:

    I’m annoyed at the fact that most of the comments I came across are people bashing you guys for the NEVER-BEFORE-ANNOUNCED-OR-CONFIRMED-IN-ANY-WAY-OR-SHAPE PC Version.

    Anyways! I’m excited at the last blog publications on the website, It sure is a nice peek at what we can expect in a few days.

    I’ll put up the Trailer on my Channel to help spread the word abit, July 14th will be Justice Day >=), I’ll probally pick up the XBLA Version and the so-called [REDACTED] Version if it comes out.

    Hope you guys get the praise and recognition you deserve for your hard work, and wish you all best of luck on DeathSpank, Swarm, and future Projects.