So you want to buy DeathSpank, eh? Well, we’d love to take your money and give you our game but we need to rely on our friends over at Steam, Microsoft, and Sony to help us out with this part. Please follow the instructions below on how to pick up DeathSpank for XBox 360, PS3, PC and Mac.

Click to buy DeathSpank on PC and Mac
$14.99 USD

Click the Steam logo above to go to Steam and get DeathSpank for PC. On the DeathSpank Steam page, click “Add to Cart” and then follow the instructions to purchase and install the game, or buy the game for a friend. If you do not have a Steam account, you can register for free.

1200 Microsoft® Points

Click on the button above, then click on the green “Download to Xbox 360″ on the website to initiate the purchase. Microsoft will walk you through the purchase process and DeathSpank will automatically download to your Xbox!

$14.99 American Dollars

Jump into the PlayStation Store on your PlayStation 3’s main menu!

Watch this helpful video from Sony for an overview of the PlayStation Store.

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