DeathSpank has been receiving plenty of press. Here is a selection of the coverage we got prior to launch (we’ve received a bunch of awesome reviews, but we haven’t updated this page with them yet!):

June 23, 2010
Xbox360Achievements DeathSpank Due to Spank XBLA on July 14th

“Day one purchase. I’ve been waiting months for this…” – Comment left by Voxael
RPGamer Get DeathSpanked This July

“the game promises nutty quests and an epic search for a powerful artifact known as The Artifact.”
June 22, 2010
GiantBomb DeathSpank Hacking And Slashing In Mid-July

“DeathSpank, which you might describe as “Diablo meets Monkey Island” launches, like, real soon.”
GameSpot DeathSpank swatting 360, PS3 week of July 13

“There’s also a local cooperative mode, in which one player controls DeathSpank and the other takes care of his sidekick, Sparkles the Wizard.”
1UP DeathSpank Launching on XBLA and PSN Next Month

“Downloadable action-RPG will be available for $14.99.”
IGN DeathSpank Release Date Announced

“Ron Gilbert’s videogame hero parody is almost here.”
ShackNews DeathSpank Dated for PS3 and Xbox 360

“Played this at E3 and loved it, day one purchase for me. Very funny, good gameplay….and Ron Gilbert?? SOLD.” – Comment left by Prophetik
Game Informer DeathSpank Arrives On PSN And XBLA This July

“I’M DOWN! I’ve read enough about this game to know I’m gonna love it.” – Comment left by TheOpenAfinity
June 1, 2010
GameSpot DeathSpank EA3 2010 Demo: The Tale of the Spicy Taco
1UP 1UP’s Most Anticipated Games of E3 2010

DeathSpank makes #31 (Squeezed in between the next Silent Hill and Dead Rising 2) on 1UP’s Most Anticipated Games of E3 2010
May 29, 2010
TheSixthAxis DeathSpank’s Story Trailer

“Hothead Games’ DeathSpank has got a story trailer and it’s full to the brim with rambunctious tomfoolery and general awesomeness.”
May 28, 2010
Kombo EA’3 – DeathSpank Interview and Preview

Great interview with lots of unique content.
Game Informer DeathSpank Interview Hints At Game’s Hilarity

“I…er…uh… look over there! It’s bigfoot!”
May 24, 2010
GiantBomb Learn The Tale Of The Hero DeathSpank and the secret of the bacon…that is forbidden.
ShackNews DeathSpank Story Trailer Introduces DeathSpank

“Based on this little tease, it looks like gaming humorist and mastermind, Ron Gilbert (The Secret of Monkey Island), is up to his old tricks.”
ShackNews DeathSpank Story Trailer Introduces DeathSpank

“I got to check this out in London 2 weeks ago. It was ridiculously funny and looks very entertaining.” – Comment left by Sturm08
Game Informer DeathSpank’s New Humorous Story Trailer

“Start getting excited now.”
May 20, 2010
TheSixthAxis DeathSpank Screens

“Go and look at the damn pictures, Hothead have spent ages creating them.”
May 19, 2010
RPGamer Action RPGamers to DeathSpank It This Summer
May 18, 2010
Go Freak Media DeathSpank Gameplay Movies & Trailer

“Four gameplay videos and a story trailer, giving you a glimpse of Ron Gilbert’s DeathSpank in motion for the very first time.”
Voodoo Extreme DeathSpank Gameplay Movies & Trailer
May 17, 2010
Xbox360Achievements DeathSpank Hands On Preview – EA Takes To The Arcade

“…the core of DeathSpank seems to neatly facilitate the need for our hero to deliver steaming hot blades of justice to the blackened hearts of evildoers everywhere.”
Gamercast Dispenser of Justice, Vanquisher of Evil, Hero to the Downtrodden

“…we think that DeathSpank will most definitely be a great addition to the titles on XBLA and PSN”
PS3 Trophies DeathSpank Hands On Preview – EA Goes Downloadable

“DeathSpank uses its humour as an embellishment, and the core of the game seems to neatly facilitate the need for our hero to deliver steaming hot blades of justice to the blackened hearts of evildoers everywhere.”
IGN DeathSpank Videos
IGN DeathSpank Screenshots
May 16, 2010 DeathSpank Hands-On

“The game is also said to be extremely lengthy, and while no specifics have been given, EA Partners have claimed that it will be longer than most retail products.”
April 30, 2010
IGN DeathSpank Update

“DeathSpank is looking great”
GamePro DeathSpank Hands-On

“…DeathSpank doesn’t disappoint… DeathSpank had me regularly laughing out loud…”
Destructoid DeathSpank is the greatest hero that has ever hereod

“…I did find DeathSpank to be enjoyable.”
GamesRadar What the hell is DeathSpank? And why the hell should you care?

“…picture all this loveliness filled with explosions, blood spray and flying body parts. That’s kind of what DeathSpank looks like.”
Joystiq Hands-on: DeathSpank

“(DeathSpank) is a fast-paced, button-mashy loot-’em-up, as well as an adventure filled with interesting characters and diabolically funny dialog. Also, it’s about bacon and a hero who’s favorite number is … plaid.”
San Jose Mercury News Five things you need to know about DeathSpank

““Excuse me,” I said, “could you repeat that.” I swear I heard a filthy word.”
IGN DeathSpank Update

“…we were delighted to find a mix of engaging role-playing mechanics and Monkey Island-style humor.”
April 29, 2010
GameSpot DeathSpank Hands-On

“As the dispenser of justice, we hack-and-slash our way through the colorful world of Ron Gilbert’s upcoming Xbox Live Arcade game.”
March 4, 2010
Xbox360Achievements EA Partners to Publish DeathSpank and Shank for the XBLA

“Let me be the first to say that DeathSpank look brutally awesome. “
GameSpot EA Partners with DeathSpank

“Electronic Arts program tries out digital distribution with anticipated upcoming release from Hothead Games”
1UP EA Partners to Publish Deathspank

“EAP label moves into downloadable arena with two indie darlings.”
IGN EA Publishing DeathSpank
ShackNews DeathSpank Snagged by EA Partners

“Must. Own. Deathspank.” – Comment left by one random winner
Game Informer DeathSpank Signed To EA Partners